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THE 3’s C’s

When you work with PEC, our event designers and project managers will be your expert guides in navigating what we call the 3 C’s:

STEP 1 | Concept. This is the crucial first step when we put our heads together and plot the roadmap for successful event navigation. You’ll have an initial brainstorming session with your one-on-one event designer to explore your event needs, including:

  • Essentials—budget, location, event type, guest count
  • Event goals and expectations—what is your measure of success?
  • Specific event needs—themes, programming, audience and more.

Once services have been contracted, your event designer will craft the first draft of your unique event design, including outlines for budget and event specifics. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to adjust items and get things off to a perfect start.

STEP 2 | Creation. Here's where the creative juices start flowing. Your event designer, with thousands of PEC resources to choose from, will help you fine-tune a singular dynamic experience. Since nothing is set in stone, feel free to change things up:

  • Don't care for the catering proposal? We'll create a more appetizing one.
  • So your crowd is less karaoke and more golf? We'll swing a new idea.
  • Want more of a beach setting for your travel incentive? We'll shore it up.
  • Want dramatic candles instead of wispy flowers? We'll change the mood.

When you're 100% satisfied with the design, your event manager will begin finalizing the details. Even then, we'll do everything possible to accommodate last-second changes with minimal expense or fuss.

Your event designer will then take care of all of the stuff you'd rather not deal with; confirming vendors, scheduling, floor plans, vendor management, venue, travel, rules and restrictions, and every little pertinent detail required to make your event a success.

STEP 3 | Completion. It’s go time! At your event, a dedicated on-site manager will be your “chaperone,” ensuring every detail is purring along as planned. Your onsite event manager will:

  • Act as your sole point of contact for the entire event—no need to track down an army of people with headsets and clipboards.
  • Do the heavy lifting—setting up, watching for crowd flow, keeping the food and drink flowing, overseeing vendors and guest services, tearing down.
  • Manage all of the vendors and trouble shoot if needed.
  • Keep you constantly in the loop to make sure that all is well.
  • Stay after hours to oversee clean-up,  tear down, shipments, and left over equipment.
  • Give you a very important job to do during the event: relax and enjoy it!


Planning a smaller event with no need for an on-site coordinator? No problem. We’ll give you an off-site contact that’s available to help out at any time.