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Sure, we could go on and on about the fantastic service and creativity you’ll get from Premier Event Connection. But we’d prefer to let some of our many high-profile clients do the talking for us.

You guys are a completely class act to work with.  Thank you so much for your partnership during this roller coaster of planning.”“ 

-Software Company

We just had our holiday party post-mortem and came out with a lot of good data, but the biggest to-do item on our list was to get in touch with you two to start planning next year’s bash. We didn’t have nearly as much fun planning it without you! The Space Needle was fun, but we got plenty of reminders why we appreciate you and your team so much! “ 

-Software Company

“[Premier Event Connection’s team was] always enthusiastic, informed, and hands on. The staff was friendly—great sense of humor and on top of things.” 

-Community Transit

Your detail and preparation are excellent and very impressive! I’ve worked with event  management firms in the past but never saw this quality in the pre-work. 

-Satisfied Client

“I cannot express enough how much I enjoyed working with your staff. They pulled off a party for 3,500 people in only a couple of weeks’ time. Their energy, professionalism, and creative planning will continue to catapult your business to success.”

-Tech Company

 “Trina and her staff were my “dream team”….organized, friendly and professional at all times."

-Grand Hyatt Seattle

**Client list availabe upon request.