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At Premier Event Connection, we have a distinct point of view about the art of producing events. Read about it here… then experience it live and in person:


  • An event should serve as the ultimate image centerpiece—a “paparazzi moment” for your organization.
  • Every last detail of an event, no matter how small, should convey the host organization’s unique branding, ideas and values, all in one smart production.
  • For guests, an event should spark the “wow” factor by delighting all five senses.
  • Whether the event takes place in a magnificent space or focuses on a travel experience, it should be about enjoying the journey and the captivating narrative.
  • Every guest should be treated as if he or she is the host. An event should be carefully choreographed, yet still have a sense of spontaneity and excitement. Each detail should, for its guests, appear seamless.
  • The process of designing an event doesn’t need to be painful. (The drama should be in the event visuals, not in the behind-the-scenes planning!).
  • When things change—and let’s be honest, they definitely will—it shouldn’t throw the project off course. An event firm should be flexible enough to iron out the new wrinkle without a hitch.
  • An event firm shouldn’t push an off-the-shelf agenda on clients. It should draw objectively from a wide range of respected resources to create a truly unique experience.
  • An event firm should surpass its clients’ expectations for customer service.