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Premier Event Connection – by our very name we place exacting standards on our team to produce the highest quality events. Each event Premier Event Connection agrees to facilitate from concept to completion must pass our six point preliminary match system ensuring that both our client’s event objectives and Premier’s standards are met. At any point during the preliminary process Premier Event Connection reserves the right to decline services and make alternative recommendations to the client. Our six point preliminary match system is as follows:

  1. Services Match – It is important to Premier Event Connection that we provide the services to our clients that they actually need. We believe that it is in everyone’s best interest to not try and fit a round peg into a square hole. If the Premier Event Connection design team feels that we cannot provide the services you are looking for we will be honest and upfront about it and most likely recommend someone else who would be a better fit. Our end goal is to ensure that your event is a success on every level.

  2. Conceptual Design – Premier Event Connection has a talented team of creative event designers and we delight in designing events that meet our client’s core objectives. We have been in the industry long enough to know that sometimes the concept a client has may not be the best in the location they have selected or an aspect of it may simply not be feasible. Premier Event Connection diligently works to understand our client’s event concept and create it. On the occasion Premier Event Connection may let a client know that we feel we clash in event design conception and that it might be best if they utilized a different resource for a particular event.

  3. Risk Management – It is important to Premier Event Connection that all events we manage and design are safe. Premier Event Connection will look at a proposed event and gage whether it meets standard safety practices. It is our goal to ensure that both our client’s and their guests are in a protected, safe environment where they can have fun and enjoy themselves. If Premier Event Connection deems an event unsafe we will bring our safety concerns up to the client for resolution. If resolution cannot be reached or the concept or design of the event is inherently unsafe we decline the event altogether.

  1. Budget Development – Premier Event Connection has become adept at managing budgets to maximize our client’s available capital and still meet their event objectives. Premier is very realistic with our clients and will let them know if we feel their budget is too small to accomplish the agreed upon design concept. If our client’s budgets don’t meet the design concept Premier Event Connection will scale back the design to fit within the client’s budget or let them know that what they desire to accomplish cannot be do with the capital available. Premier Event Connection reserves the right to decline an event if the client insists on using inferior products, vendors or services to meet their budget.

  1. Team Synchronicity – Premier Event Connection is a strong team of event designers and we utilize the entire team’s individual strengths to create a seamless event. Premier Event Connection assigns a lead event designer to the event and they act as point of contact for the client and will maintain a global view of the scope of work. The lead designer will instruct and manage the entire Premier Event Connection team through completion of the event. Utilization of the entire Premier Event Connection team allows Premier Event Connection to maintain in-house flexibility while maintaining its current clientele. The Premier Event Connection lead will be able to utilize the other members of their team as they are available to assist thereby creating an even balance of work within our in-house environment. If Premier Event Connection deems that we cannot provide seamless service to our client due to our current event schedule Premier Event Connection reserves the right to decline the event.

  2. Terms & Agreements – Premier Event Connection provides an intangible service and therefore requires that a contract for our services be signed prior to actual conceptual creation and development is begun. A standard billing agreement must be signed prior to commencing with event design and implementation. Special negotiations for payment of services will need to be approved by our accounting division prior to work commencing. Once the client has contracted with Premier Event Connection for event services the client can cancel the event and receive a refund based on a tiered event design process. Cancellation policy will be included with the standard billing agreement for client signature.


In Addition: Green Mapping – Premier Event Connection is a socially responsible event design firm and we encourage our clients to hold green events. Premier will provide a “Green Map” for our client’s event to show them how they can green up their event. The client can choose to use any or all of the recommendations. We do not require our clients to use green options. Premier Event Connection may choose to utilize a green product if the quality and standard of the product or service matches a un-green product without prior consent of the client.