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Trina Bol, aka “The Logistics”
Travel management and corporate specialty services have demanding financial and operational needs. Trina gained this critical expertise during her years in the executive offices of Paragon Capital Financial Management Company, and in the high-producing sales offices of Vacations Outlet and Great Escapes. In 2002, she complemented this with food and beverage management for a prominent catering and events company. In 2003, it all came full circle when Trina joined PEC, where her wide-ranging skills keep PEC and its events running smoothly



It takes an entourage of skills and talents to coordinate a successful event.  Just as PEC relies on the performance of our vendors we also rely on our fabulous sub contractors. Or as we like to call them, our extended family! For special projects that require reinforcement you may get the opportunity to work with the following fabulous event professionals:

Jamie Sousa, aka “Ms. Details”
Jamie has been with us since the company’s early years, when she was just 19. Jamie is our go to girl to manage the details and has transitioned into an administrative bookkeeping role. However, she still plans an event here and there just for fun and will occasionally suprise clients by showing up to their event as a Client Connoisseur (Event Lead).



Michelle Bacus, aka "Client Connoisseur"
Michelle started in the customer service and marketing industry in 2004 when she began marketing Life Care of Skagit as their Admissions coordinator. Her desire to expand her skills led her to become a valued member of the PEC customer service team where she had the opportunity to facilitate multiple PEC events. Her association with PEC over the last eight years allowed Michelle to gain hands on experience of the event industry and she grew to love everything about it. In 2011 she decided to merge her love for customer service and events together and joined PEC full time as our Client Connoisseur (or Event Lead) where her vibrant personality really shines through.


Amber Bowles, aka "Client Connoisseur"
When Amber was a high school intern with us, she impressed us with her organizational and customer service skills, so we snapped her up right after she graduated. Today, with her keen sense of design, skill in color application, passion for decorating, and sharp eye for the smallest details, she handles events with ease. She has an uncanny knack for customer service and is amazingly quick on her feet.  Although Amber is pursuing other interests she is still a key member of our extended team and comes on board to assist any event as needed.


Deni Herrman, ​aka "Entertainment Guru"
Deni has been in the entertainment industry for almost 30 years ( man, he’s old) A former musician, actor, voice talent, he understands the crucial link between  entertainer and  audience, the importance of a seamless event relationship and most importantly , the true meaning of entertainment value.  Drawing on his experience in the fair and festival industry, celebrity artist concerts, casino cabarets and showrooms, he brings a resource of performers and creative applications that helps give our events a “signature” and exceptional experience for the guests.


Fred Granados, aka “Creativity Concierge”
Fred began his performance career in 2nd grade, a cheery class clown distracting classmates with songs, impersonations, and ‘funny noises.’ Since then, Fred has transformed his unique gift for distraction into an asset, invaluable to numerous Fortune 500 Companies across the Nation. Immersion in television and radio broadcasting brought Fred into the world of Non-Profit Organizations. That led him to speaking engagements on 2 different continents, and 6 different nations. SONY Marketing snatched him up as a National Trainer until 2003 when he joined forces as Director of Team Building for Total Synergy Team Development. With his innovative personality and unique insight into interactive entertainment it was a natural fit for him to partner with Premier Event Connection.